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Prompt Smog check and Repair Services

Get access to prompt and reliable smog repairs at Angel Touch Auto. Whether you just failed a smog check or noticed issues with your emission system, we will provide you with the quality service that your vehicle deserves. Our trained emission specialists will diagnose the issue and offer you a comprehensive solution. We guarantee to have the right tools and expertise to get your emission system back in top shape — allowing your vehicle to pass any smog inspection.

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Why Prompt Smog check and Repair Is Important?

When your emission system is not working properly, it can cause a dramatic increase in smog production. It is harmful to the environment and can put your health at risk. That’s why many states, including Colorado, require vehicle owners to schedule an emission and smog test either annually or biannually.

At Angel Touch Auto, we have a team of emission mechanics who are happy to handle all your smog repair needs. Our team can accurately identify what is causing your emissions system to fail, letting us quickly fix any issue and get you back on the road. We will ensure that not only will your vehicle remain compliant with the state’s emission standards, but you will be able to do your part in protecting the environment and improving public health as well.

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When to Schedule a Smog check and Repair

Here are some signs you need to get in touch with Angel Touch Auto for a smog repair:

When You Fail a Smog Check

Failing a smog test is a clear sign that you need to schedule a smog repair. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to drive your vehicle legally. The reason you fail is simple: there’s an issue with your emission system that needs to be addressed. Let our team handle the issue so you don’t worry about failing your smog re-inspection.

When Your Vehicle Emits Visible Smoke or Exhaust

Is your vehicle emitting visible smoke or exhaust? Get in touch with the emission mechanics at Angel Touch Auto right away. The exhaust or smoke that is coming from your vehicle should remain clear. If it appears thick, black, or blue, it indicates that a smog repair is necessary. If you just ignore the smoke, it can end up being a costly repair later.

When Your Check Engine Light Is On

There can be many reasons why your check engine light is illuminated, but the important thing is to never ignore it. Among the many possible reasons is a failing or damaged emission system. It can be as simple as a cracked vacuum hose or as serious as a faulty catalytic converter. Whatever the issue may be, you must schedule a smog diagnostic and repair immediately to bring your vehicle back into compliance with emissions standards.

Schedule a Smog check and Repair with Our Expert Technicians

For all your smog repair needs, reach out only to Angel Touch Auto. We offer comprehensive smog repair services, ensuring that your emission system meets all state regulations. Our mechanics will thoroughly assess every aspect of your emission system to diagnose any issues with the utmost accuracy and provide you with the most appropriate solution. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your emission system will function optimally and won’t emit excessive levels of pollutants.

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